Angel Baez

Hello World

July 19, 2019

“Hello World” is the first program one usually writes when learning a new programming language, where it read like this:

main() {
    printf("hello, world\n");

How exciting it is to start something. To have a new opportunity to build a better design, video, song, program, animation, or whatever you love to do. We, the makers, recognize the marvelous feeling of a fresh start. However, we experience fear and pain. We fear not being good enough, to don’t have time for our craft or worse, do nothing at all to complete it.

I’ve had fear too, dozens of folders on my computer are filled with, ideas, diagrams, code, and unfinished projects. Unfortunately, most of them stay the same, as good intentions.

Surprisingly the answer is straightforward and easy, you simply have to commit yourself to finish your project. Manage your time and energy, and the most important, be disciplined.

We know that is harder than we thought, but the only way to become better at avoiding the issues that stop us from finishing something is by practicing.

No shortcut or productivity app will help you to avoid the tasks that you have to do. But you’re not alone, almost everyone is fighting the same inner battle, so whenever you can help someone.

This is a call and a reminder for all the makers, creatives, designers, and engineers. Love the beginning of building something brand-new but equally important is to learn to love the pain and the struggle of each new venture.

Go and build!

A Safety Helmet with the printed word "THINK" that Teran\TBWA gave me, and a quick prototype for an idea.


I'm the creator of Kanbal, co-founder of Grupo LIBER, developer at HUSL, entrepeneur, programmer and bookworm.

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